Raising awareness in the Arctic Council of the provisions of the 2012 Cape Town Agreement

For the safety of fishing vessels and the experience gained in the implementation process by Arctic States and other nations, recognizing the importance of fishing vessel safety in the Arctic due to the increased traffic of fishing vessels in the region.

Main activities

  • Establish a Correspondence Group
  • Develop an Arctic Shipping Status Report (ASSR) on fishing vessel activities in the Arctic with its project co-leads
  • Develop a Summary Report that includes the findings from the ASSR Report, and highlights the provisions of the Cape Town Agreement for the Safety of Fishing Vessels, that includes: Information on challenges Arctic States or Observer States may have had in ratifying the Agreement; Information on national legislation that may be considered to cover wholly or partially the Agreement; and An overview of such challenges and national legislative information with suggestions for a way forward.
  • The summary report will be presented to PAME for consideration
  • Convene an online webinar for PAME Members and interested Arctic Council Working Groups where States share their experience, and challenges that may have been identified
Lead Working Groups
Lead Arctic States & Permanent Participants

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